7 Ways to Upgrade Your Engagement Ring


There are many brides who, after rediscovering their diamond engagement ring from their jewelry box years later, feel the same wonder, excitement and love as they did when they first set their eyes on it.  And then there are brides who don’t.

Whether your taste or your situation that has changed over the years, if you are looking for means to upgrade your engagement ring, you’ve come to the right place at Padis Jewelry.

You may have fallen head over heels in love the moment you first saw your engagement ring, but if you’ve had a change of heart, you don’t need to feel ashamed or uneasy. Our preferences change all the time. With so many new trends and intricate designs for engagement rings today, you may feel the urge to change it up a bit.

This is a ring you are wearing everyday as a symbol of love and devotion to your partner, you should love it! Here are some ways to bring the spark back.

Go For A Bigger Stone:

With a few little adjustments, setting a new bigger diamond is one of the easiest ways to make your diamond engagement ring more noticeable and attention-grabbing. If your setting allows for it, our jeweler can simply set a bigger diamond on the band, making it sparkle even more than before.

Add A Set Of Complimentary Diamonds On The Shoulder:

If the main stone isn’t the issue and the bland broad shoulder is just not appealing enough, just add a band of smaller cut diamonds to get that heavier looking feeling off the ring. The detailed new band will make any plain-looking diamond engagement ring more intricate and exquisite.

A Single or Double Halo Will Do the Trick:

If a big-sized center stone is out of your budget, you can simply make it appear bigger by adding a halo of small cut diamonds to encapsulate the center diamond. It can make the stone look upwards of 20% larger and also serves as a natural “bumper” to protect your center diamond from damage.

Change the band:

You can always opt for a band change by either eliminating or adding more twists to your plain looking diamond engagement ring. Not only will it give the center stone more definition, it will also give the ring a whole new look.

Change the Ring’s Setting:

Many a times, the setting on the ring is too impractical. The end result is that it sits in a cushioned box on your dressing table. If ring sits up too high, it gets tangled in your hair and snagged on those clothes; too low and it shadows the intricacy of the ring. Get it fixed with just a few adjustments that we will be happy to make.

Change The Shape Of The Stone:

Not a big fan the shape of your center stone? Feel like everyone around you has the same cut? Perhaps consider a new shape!  A different shape will change the overall look of the ring and certain stone shapes compliment your fingers and hands well.

Set Side Stones:

If a little enhancement or bling is all that you need, opting for smaller side stones is the perfect way to do that. When opting for side stones, you can either go with trillions, princess cuts, round stones, tapered baguettes etc. Traditionally, the three stones in an engagement ring represent “Past, Present, and Future,” a nice way to tie in the sentiment and span of your relationship.

So whether you’re upgrading your own ring or even updating grandma’s ring, consider these options and you’ll surely be happy with the outcome! It can be difficult to let go of something with so much personal value attached to it, but Padis Jewelry can help guide you toward the best option for what to do with your piece, and make sure you are well educated in all the different options.  Don’t hesitate to visit us at the store, give us a call, or shoot us an email with questions.


Shopping for Diamond Stud Earrings?


Many top jewelry experts agree that one of the most important pieces of jewelry a woman can own is a pair of diamond stud earrings.  Classic and elegant, diamond studs look beautiful for your most dressed up occasions or as everyday wear.  They simply go with everything and help to create a finished, polished look.

Diamond studs are a great gift to show a woman she is loved and special or as a present to yourself.  Furthermore diamond studs never go out of style and are a piece of jewelry that you will most certainly wear for the rest of your life.  However before you buy your earrings; you will need to decide on the carat weight, cut and metal color.

At Padis Jewelry we have a large selection of diamond stud earrings that are sure to please the most discerning customer and come in a variety of carat weights, cuts and price range as well as a choice of precious metals.  Many are from our Padis Signature Collection and include diamonds studs from around a full carat to almost 3 and a ¼ carat.  One stunning example from our exclusive collection is a 2.03 Cttw. 14K white gold round brilliant diamond earrings graded as an H Color and SI2 Clarity. The earrings come with an AGS Certificate.

To see our exquisite selection of diamond stud earrings, please visit our website.  While you are there, fill out a guest pass to schedule an appointment to one of our premier showrooms located in the heart of the San Francisco Wholesale Jewelry District. A guest pass is required so those not in the trade may enter the buildings.  While our pictures look beautiful online, diamonds are meant to be seen in person.  We look forward to meeting you.

Since 1974, Padis Jewelry has been a trusted source for buying exquisite certified loose diamonds, engagement rings and fine jewelry.  We are one of the only jewelers in the area that offers such an exclusive selection of top names in the industry as well as such a large inventory.  If you are a lover of beautiful jewels, please schedule a visit to San Francisco’s finest jewelry showrooms.

Is Your Style Classic, Modern or Uniquely Your Own?


The shape of an engagement ring is sure to say something about the woman wearing it.  One of the most iconic and timeless choices as well as the most popular is the round solitaire, which looks as stunning today as it did on your grandmother’s hand fifty years ago.  While a round solitaire can be subtle and understated, it is unlikely to ever go out of style.

This classic diamond engagement ring was first introduced in 1886 by Charles Tiffany.  The setting was designed to elevate and showcase a round diamond above the band of the ring, and was held in place with six evenly spaced claw-shaped prongs.  Prior to this time, most rings were extremely intricate and had very detailed designs so a simple, precious metal band that allowed a diamond to sparkle to its fullest potential was considered revolutionary.

As the stone is the focal point in a solitaire, it is important to buy the highest grade round brilliant cut stone you can afford to ensure your ring has the maximum sparkle.  Padis Jewelry’s consultants remind customers that the larger the diamond is, most likely it has more inclusions.  Also as it is larger, the inclusions are typically more visible than on a smaller diamond so it is better to go with a smaller but better grade stone.

A close second in popularity to the round brilliant cut is a princess shaped diamond.  Almost matching the fire and brilliance, the princess cut was created in 1980 and is the most common fancy cut diamond.  The square or rectangular shaped stone is a mix of diamond cuts and has a profile of an inverted pyramid with four beveled sides.  It can have anywhere from 53 to 144 facets.  Emerald and Asscher shaped diamonds are step cuts consisting of rectilinear facets arranged parallel to the girdle.  This produces a mirror effect that plays with the light and dark planes of the cut.

Please schedule a visit to one of Padis Jewelry’s beautiful showrooms to see our diamond collection up close and in person to really appreciate the different stones.  Also remember if you are traveling this summer to Napa Valley, visit Padis Romance in St. Helena, CA.

As a family-owned business, Padis Jewelry has been a trusted source for buying exquisite certified loose diamonds, engagement rings and fine jewelry since 1974.  We are one of the only jewelers in the area that offers such an exclusive selection of top names in the industry as well as such a large inventory.  If you are a lover of beautiful jewels, schedule at visit to San Francisco’s best jewelry store.




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5 Wedding Band Tricks to Make Your Engagement Ring Look Bigger


Since this is a safe space when it comes to all things bridal, it’s totally OK to admit that sometimes, size does matter (even if just for one random day, when you let yourself daydream what it would feel like to wear Kim Kardashian’s crazy-huge rock). When you start to think about what sort of wedding band you want to wear alongside your engagement ring, it quickly becomes apparent that there are a ton of options. Still, not everything is going to actually make your engagement diamond appear larger.

To help, we broke down what factors will make bands extra-flattering to your engagement diamond.

Consider colored stones.

Classic diamonds are the most popular choice for wedding rings, but colored stones are gaining in popularity. They’ll definitely make a diamond pop, which can add to the overall look and help trick the eye into thinking the center stone appears bigger.. If you don’t want to break with tradition too dramatically, look for pale colors like light pinks, blues, and greens. They’ll add something different without being too shocking.

Consider multiple bands.

If you have a smaller diamond in your engagement ring, multiple bands are a fun way to add style and uniqueness to your ring. You can also consider wearing your engagement ring on your right hand post-wedding, keeping only your new band on the left, is another surefire way to make sure it’s not overpowered by the new bling.

Look for a matched set.

Specially crafted bridal sets have fallen out of style a bit, but they’re actually designed to show off your engagement ring, making them a wise choice. “Curved wedding bands designed to sit with a specific engagement ring will highlight the ring very nicely. They’re typically made to sit right under the setting of your engagement ring, so it won’t take away from the center stone.”

Clean it.

Regular cleanings will help keep diamonds sparkling, making it pop more. The more sparkly and white it is, the more it’ll stick out on your hand, helping to make it appear bigger. Aim for having your pieces professionally cleaned a few times a year, though intricate settings can collect dirt easier, requiring more frequent sudsing.

Why Buy Forevermark Diamonds?

Forevermark Tribute Event 11.7.17 - photo by Andrew Werner, 248

If you are looking for a high quality diamond, you cannot go wrong purchasing a Forevermark diamond.  The De Beers Group of Companies has a 125 year history of diamond expertise and sells some of the world’s most stunning diamonds.  In addition every Forevermark diamond must not only meet the company’s standards for quality and beauty but be responsibly sourced.  They proudly state that less than one percent of the world’s diamonds meet Forevermark’s standard of excellence, which goes far beyond the 4Cs.

Before it gets a Forevermark inscription, a diamond goes through a rigorous inspection. The company also uses an innovative technology to lightly inscribe (1/20th of a micron deep) the diamond’s unique identification number, which is only visible with 50 X magnification.  The number is used to register the diamond under your name.

Another reason to buy a Forevermark diamond is the assurance that it comes from a company as committed to providing the world with diamonds as it is to doing it with integrity.  Going well beyond the international Kimberly Process Certification Scheme to identify conflict free diamonds, Forevermark mines comply with strict political, financial, social and environmental requirements.  They state “As part of our CSR (corporate social responsibility), we ensure that all employees and communities from diamond producing areas benefit from legal, safe and responsible business practices.”

Padis Jewelry is proud to sell Forevermark diamonds including the Forevermark Tribute™ Collection.  Please contact us to set up a visit to one of our three showrooms in San Francisco or our store in St. Helena for Forevermark diamonds as well as other luxury brands including Tacori, Jeff Cooper Designs, Verragio, Henri Daussi, Ritani, Demarco, Simon G., Scott Kay, and many more.

As a family-owned business, Padis Jewelry has been a trusted source for buying exquisite certified loose diamonds, engagement rings and fine jewelry since 1974.  We have one of the area’s largest inventories s well as an impressive selection of top name luxury brands.  So if you are a lover of beautiful jewelry, we encourage you to schedule a visit to San Francisco’s best jewelry store.

Queen Mary’s Diamond Bandeau Tiara

San Francisco Jewelry

As one of the estimated 29 million people who watched the royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, we were curious about the diamond tiara worn by Meghan on the big day.  Known as the Queen Mary’s Diamond Bandeau, the tiara was loaned to the bride from Queen Elizabeth.

The tiara originally belonged to Queen Mary, who was married to King George V and Queen Elizabeth’s grandmother. Queen Mary commissioned the platinum bandeau tiara in 1932 to be designed around the detachable center brooch.  The brooch was a gift to Mary in 1893 from the Country of Lincoln upon her marriage to then-Prince George, Duke of York.  The tiara was bequeathed to Queen Elizabeth upon Mary’s death in 1953.

The stunning central brooch is done in a classic style and features a large brilliant diamond in the center, which is surrounded by nine brilliant diamonds.  The flexible band is made up of “eleven sections, pierced with interlaced ovals and pavé set with large and small brilliant diamonds.”  Originally the piece was known as the Filgree Tiara and was worn by Queen Mary for less formal events such as Gala performances in the later years of her life.  Up until Meghan Markle beautifully donned the delicate tiara on her wedding day, it had not been seen in public for more than 60 years.

Padis Jewelry has an extensive selection of exquisite loose diamonds, engagement rings and other fine jewelry, and while our collection does not include tiaras, we have plenty of pieces to satisfy our most discerning customers.  Please visit our website to browse our online pieces and then set up an appointment to come to our San Francisco showrooms.   If you are planning a trip to Napa Valley this summer, be sure to visit our Padis Romance store in beautiful St. Helena.

Padis Jewelry, a family-owned business, has been a trusted source for buying exquisite certified loose diamonds, engagement rings and fine jewelry since 1974.  We are one of the only jewelers in the area that offers such an exclusive selection of top names in the industry as well as such a large inventory.  For an opportunity to view one of San Francisco’s most impressive collections, please contact us to schedule at visit.

Yellow Gold Sales Increase in 1st Quarter of 2018


Industry experts point to Meghan Markle’s, the new Duchess of Sussex, preference for yellow gold and the public’s fascination with her and all things related to the royal wedding as the reason behind the increase in sales during the first part of 2018.  During an interview with the BBC last November, Meghan’s declared that yellow gold is her favorite metal and that her new engagement ring is set in yellow gold.

According to the World Gold Council, “the first three months of the year were the strongest first quarter for yellow gold jewelry demand in the United States since 2009.”  Sales for yellow gold started to heat up around the time Meghan and Prince Harry became engaged last fall and have steadily increased since then.  White gold, platinum and silver have been the metals of choice in fine jewelry as well as in engagement and wedding rings for the past 15 years.  Rose gold sales had been more popular than those for yellow gold, which was considered “outdated.”

Now statistics show yellow gold jewelry sales are up approximately 30 percent already this year and are expected to go even higher through the rest of the year.   Alistair Hewitt, the World Gold Council’s Director of Market Intelligence explains that celebrity jewelry purchases influence the general public’s choices.  Research from the Council done in 2016 discovered that “22 percent of U.S. women buying jewelry or luxury fashion were inspired by magazines and newspapers, with another 11 percent citing influence from celebrities.”

Padis Jewelry has also experienced an increase in yellow gold jewelry purchases.  Within our large inventory, we have an excellent selection of engagement rings and other fine jewelry set in 14K and 18K yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and other precious metals.  Please visit our website to see our stunning collection as well as to set up an appointment to come in to one of our three San Francisco showrooms.

Padis Jewelry, a family-owned business, has been a trusted source for buying exquisite certified loose diamonds, engagement rings and fine jewelry since 1974.  We are one of the only jewelers in the area that offers such an exclusive selection of top names in the industry as well as such a large inventory.  For an opportunity to view one of San Francisco’s most impressive collections, please contact us to schedule a visit.

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