Engagement Ring Trends for 2018


If you plan to shop for an engagement ring sometime this year, you will want to know the latest trends for 2018.   According to WeddingWire, an online marketplace for vendors and engaged couples, the number one trend this year will be a center stone in the shape of an oval.  The oval has been steadily gaining popularity due to a unique and clean look that adds a vintage feel to any setting.

Exuding femininity, rose gold is also still a strong trend for the upcoming year.  If you love the look, you will be pleased to find more and more jewelers are offering engagement and wedding rings in a rose gold option.  A recent Bride Magazine articles quotes jeweler Selin Kent as saying the rose gold trend is here to stay, but adds that she recommends a slightly different take.  She explains a fresh, new look is to have the center stone in platinum or white gold, and the rest of the ring in a colored metal. Selin says, “Diamonds can take on the color of the metal they’re set in, so mixing metals within the ring will show a diamond in its best light.”

Additionally Bride Magazine notes that Jenny Klatt of Jemma Wynne suggests open ring styles are likely to be popular this coming engagement season.  Her Jemma Wynne partner, Stephanie Wynne Lalin, says, “It’s an alternative, but still feels timeless. It gives brides a real opportunity for personalization and—bonus!!—she can have two stones.” Furthermore, the two stones provide the option of choosing two diamonds, a diamond and colored gemstone or other possibilities.

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Source: weddingwire.com/wedding-ideas/engagement-ring-trends-you-need-to-know


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