Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring



Shopping for an engagement ring is exciting but it can also be a bit overwhelming.  If you are looking for the perfect ring for your intended, this may be your first major jewelry purchase and one that you really want to get right.

Even before you set foot in a jewelry store or start browsing online, you need to think about how much you want to spend – set a budget and stick to it.  Most experts agree the “three month salary rule” is probably out-of-date but stay in your comfort zone.  Knowing what you want to spend is also helpful for your jeweler as it narrows down the selection.

While some couples opt to shop for an engagement ring together, there are plenty of people who still want to surprise their girlfriend with an engagement ring.  If that’s your intention, think about what style of ring would best suit her lifestyle and preferences.  In addition try to find out her ring size.

Other considerations to think about include the metal color of the setting and the shape of stone you think your girlfriend would prefer such as round, princess, oval, etc.  To learn how diamonds are graded, read up on the 4Cs – cut, color, clarity, and carat weight.

Moreover at Padis Jewelry, we highly recommend choosing a reputable jeweler that you can trust.  Find out how long they have been in business, are their diamonds certified, and are they a member of the American Gem Society (AGS)?  Read online reviews and ask friends and family for recommendations.

At Padis Jewelry we are proud to say that we have been selling jewelry to the San Francisco area for more than forty years and are family-owned and operated.  We are also one of the 5% of jewelers in the U.S who is an accredited member of the AGS, and we have two GIA Graduate Gemologists on staff at all times.  Please contact us to set up a visit to one of our three San Francisco showrooms or our St. Helena store.

Padis Jewelry, a family-owned business, has been a trusted source for buying exquisite certified loose diamonds, engagement rings and fine jewelry since 1974.  We are one of the only jewelers in the area that offers such an exclusive selection of top names in the industry as well as such a large inventory.  For an opportunity to view one of San Francisco’s most impressive collections, please contact us to schedule at visit.


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