New Trends from the Tucson Gem and Mineral Shows

Napa Valley Jewelers

The GIA’s recent Gems & Gemology, Spring 2017 publication reports on the 2017 Tucson gem and mineral shows that each year draws interested buyers from across the globe.  The GIA noted that as with past years that this year’s shows point to some strong trends in the jewelry industry.

One of the trends is the demand for special, one-of-a-kind pieces that are crafted with pearls and colored gemstones.  The GIA also noticed the strong demand for high-end gems and a softening of demand for commercial goods.  In addition the industry is becoming more focused on ethically sourced gemstones and beneficiation.

The article reports that the shows biggest story was the “emergence of Ethiopia as a potentially major source of gem-quality emerald. These new gems resemble other schist-hosted emeralds, especially those from Brazil and Zambia.”  The emeralds are less saturated and included, but nevertheless this source is producing fine gem-grade crystals of exceptional size, color, and clarity.

Another topic of interest was the October 2016 removal of U.S. sanctions on Myanmar that now legalizes the import of Burmese jadeite and rubies.  Geologist Edward Boehm, a colored stone dealer and consultant, said that while the lifting of the ban was welcomed, he thought Myanmar reforms on the gem mining sector “have some ways to go” and new production may take time to reach the marketplace.

Padis Jewelry is glad to hear of the continuing trend toward ethical, sustainable business practices and transparent supply chains as it is very important to our business. Please visit our website or contact us to view our extensive inventory of certified loose diamonds and gemstones, engagement rings and fine jewelry.

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