April’s Birthstone – The Exquisite Diamond

Diamond Store

For all of you lucky enough to be born in April, you are probably aware that your birthstone is a diamond.  The word diamond is derived from the Greek work adamas, which means unbreakable or unalterable, and is considered to be the ultimate symbol of love.

Historians date the love of the diamonds back to 4th century BC Indian Buddhists who used the stones for the eyes in their devotional statues.  India was the earliest major source of diamonds and it was considered to be a well-known precious stone.   By the 3rd century BC, Indian’s had attributed the stone with qualities that included “strength, regularity, brilliance, ability to scratch metals, and good refractive properties.”

In 3rd century BC, a Chinese work explained that “Foreigners wear it [diamond] in the belief that it can ward off evil influences”  Some cultures such as the Hindus connected diamonds to Venus, the planet of love, while others thought they were connected to the planet of Mars and would provide protection and strength in battle.

Diamonds were valued by the Romans for their supernatural powers as related by Pliny, a 1st century AD naturalist, who wrote “a diamond baffles poison, keeps off insanity, and dispels vain fears.”  During the middle ages, the Italians believed a diamond helped to maintain harmony between a husband and wife and called it a “Pietra della Reconciliazione,” (stone of reconciliation).  It was due to this belief and not for their beauty that Italian wedding rings began to be set with diamonds.

To see one of the finest collections of loose certified diamonds in California, we invite you to visit Padis Jewelry showrooms.  At any one time we have 10,000 diamonds in our inventory and all of our stones over 0.40 carats come with an independent grading report to assess its overall quality and authenticity.  Contact us to set up an appointment.

As a family-owned business, Padis Jewelry has been a trusted source for buying exquisite certified loose diamonds, engagement rings and fine jewelry since 1974.  We have one of the area’s largest inventories s well as an impressive selection of top name luxury brands.  So if you are a lover of beautiful jewelry, we encourage you to schedule a visit to San Francisco and the Napa Valley’s best jewelry stores.

Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diamond_(gemstone)#Symbolism_and_lore



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