The Different Types of Jewelry Settings


When we buy a new piece of jewelry, it is generally an item we intend to wear and enjoy for many years. This is why Padis Jewelry wants our customers to be satisfied with their purchases and believe that the more you know about the jewelry; the better the chance that you will love what you buy. One of things that consumers can find confusing is the many different types of jewelry settings.

The term bead setting describes the process of evenly setting diamonds or color gemstones with the surface of the metal. Bead-like prongs between each of the stones secure them to the metal. A bezel setting is the method of wrapping a diamond or gemstone with the metal so only the crown and table can be seen. Another type of setting is called a cathedral and consists of cathedral-like arches on each side of the diamond or gemstone.

Channel settings are very common. It is the method used to arrange diamonds or color gemstones adjacent to one another in a channel with no metal showing between each stone. A cluster setting is the term used to describe stones that are grouped together and arranged to look like one large stone. In a flush setting, a hole is created in the metal surface and the diamond or gemstone is placed inside. The table of the stone is set evenly with the metal’s surface.

With an inlaid setting, a part of the metal setting is cut away and the stones are set flush with the surface of the metal. In an invisible setting, it appears as if there is no setting behind the stone due to the way the stones are set in the arrangement. Prong settings are another very common type of setting, and in this case, the diamond or gemstone is mounted to the metal with prongs that wrap around its girdle and usually secured to the crown of the stone. With a pave setting, small stones are held in place by very small handcrafted prongs and the tables of the stones are evenly set with the metal surface.

If you have a question about a jewelry setting or want to know more about a particular piece of jewelry, please contact us. In addition to our online store, we have three showrooms in San Francisco and a store in St. Helena, CA.

Padis Jewelry, a family-owned business, has been a trusted source for buying exquisite certified loose diamonds, engagement rings and fine jewelry since 1974. We are one of the only jewelers in the area that offers such an exclusive selection of top names in the industry as well as such a large inventory. We invite you to visit our showrooms to see our beautiful collection of fine jewelry.


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