Let Our Experts Help You Make an Informed Jewelry Decision

Engagement Rings San Francisco

At Padis Jewelry our job is to make jewelry shopping an enjoyable experience. By owning one of the largest inventories of certified loose diamonds in California, we can help you buy a diamond you love at a price you can afford. Furthermore, it is easy as all you need to do is set up a diamond consultation with one of our expert GIA (Gemological Institute of America) Graduate Gemologists.

Before you even start the process of buying an engagement ring or another piece of diamond jewelry, you should educate yourself on how a diamond is graded. Also while you initially may want to buy the largest size diamond you can afford, it may be better to consider a higher quality, smaller stone. A larger diamond typically has more inclusions than smaller diamonds, and since it is larger, the inclusions will be more visible. In addition cut and proportions determine a diamond’s brilliance and must be done correctly to allow the maximum amount of light through the top of the diamond.

The GIA uses a D-to-Z scale to measure the colorlessness of a diamond, comparing it to masterstones under controlled viewing conditions. Stones range from colorless to yellowish-brown with a grade of D to F as colorless, G to J as near colorless, K to M as faint, N to R as very light and S to Z as light. One tip to consider is that in some cases when you mount a non-colorless diamond in yellow gold, it can help a diamond appear to be colorless.

A diamond’s clarity is graded on the number, size, relief, and positions of inclusions as seen by 10x magnification. Please contact the experienced jewelers at Padis Jewelry for more suggestions on how to shop smart when it comes to buying a diamond.

Padis Jewelry, a family-owned business, has been a trusted source for buying exquisite certified loose diamonds, engagement rings and fine jewelry since 1974. We are one of the only jewelers in the area that offers such an exclusive selection of top names in the industry as well as such a large inventory. For an opportunity to view one of San Francisco’s most impressive collections, please contact us to schedule at visit.


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