Most Popular Diamond Shapes for Engagement Rings

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The shape of your diamond engagement ring may reflect your personal style, be it classic, modern or your own unique statement. From a round solitaire to princess, emerald, cushion, oval, pear shaped, to name a few, the shape of an engagement ring can say something about the woman wearing it.

A classic, timeless choice and the most popular shaped diamond is a round solitaire. It looks as beautiful today as it did on our grandmother’s hands and most likely will never go out of style. When buying a round brilliant cut stone, experts recommend selecting a higher grade diamond to bring out the most brilliance. Oval diamonds are a modified brilliant cut and offer much of the same brilliance and fire; while a brilliant-cut pear shaped diamond is a combination of a round and marquise shape with a tapered point on one end.

Step cuts include emerald and Asscher shaped diamonds. These square or rectangular diamonds are made up of rectilinear facets that are arranged parallel to the girdle, which produces a mirror effect that plays with the light and dark planes of the cut. A cushion cut shaped diamond is a square cut with rounded corners much like a pillow and generally produces better fire but less brilliance than a round brilliant cut diamond.

A princess shaped diamond is a close second in popularity to the round brilliant cut and almost matches its fire and brilliance. Created in 1980, the square or rectangular shaped stone is a mix of diamond cuts and is the most common type of fancy cut diamonds. The princess cut combines techniques used to create modified brilliant cuts and step cuts and has a profile similar to an inverted pyramid with four beveled sides. It can have anywhere between 53 and 144 facets.

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