Jewelry Appraisals Should be Done by a Certified Appraiser

Jewelry Appraisal San Francisco

There are several reasons why you may need to have a professional jewelry appraisal done.   Appraisals are often required before you can obtain replacement insurance on your jewelry.  They are also used in estate planning and for tax purposes as well as to learn the current value of a family heirloom.  Additionally appraisals can be used to guide the fair distribution of jewelry assets.  When you do decide to have your jewelry appraised, we strongly recommend that you use an American Gem Society (AGS) certified gemologist appraiser (CGA) to ensure you get the most accurate and fair appraisal.

At the family-owned and operated Padis Jewelry showrooms, our staff includes AGS certified jewelry appraisers who have gone through the rigorous training and certification process set forth by the AGS. In addition we are a proud member of the AGS, of which only 5% of the jewelers in the U.S. meet the organization’s exacting standards.  Furthermore, along with our professional jewelry appraisers, our experienced, non-commissioned staff has two GIA Graduate Gemologists in our showrooms at all times.

Keep in mind that even if you had a piece appraised some years ago, it may be time to have it appraised again as the value of jewelry changes over the years.  In fact you may be surprised to discover the value of the piece has increased and that you have it under insured.  It is recommended that jewelry be appraised every three to five years.

If you are in the San Francisco area, we encourage you to contact Padis Jewelry for a fair and accurate jewelry appraisal.  We offer thorough jewelry appraisals along with other services including an in-house bench jeweler for convenient same-day repairs and settings.

Padis Jewelry, a family-owned business, has been a trusted source for buying exquisite certified loose diamonds, engagement rings and fine jewelry since 1974.  We are one of the only jewelers in the area that offers such an exclusive selection of top names in the industry as well as such a large inventory.  For an opportunity to view one of San Francisco’s most impressive collections, please contact us to schedule at visit.


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