Brilliant-cut Diamonds

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People often confuse the term “cut” with a diamond’s “shape.”  In fact, the cut of a diamond refers to the proportions and symmetry of a diamond and its ability to reflect light through the top of the diamond.  A rough diamond is evaluated to determine its best possible cut in order to maximize clarity, color, and carat weight.

A diamond’s shape refers to the appearance of the stone, and includes round, princess, emerald, asscher, marquise, oval, radiant, pear, cushion and heart.  For years, the most popular shape of diamond has been the round brilliant-cut.  The Gemological Institute of America says that for more than six centuries, diamond cutters have been working toward perfecting the round brilliant-cut.  Today’s 57 or 58-facet round brilliants are the result of a variation of facet sizes and proportions that have evolved through the years including “table size, crown height, length of the lower half facets, total depth, and culet size.”

Round brilliant-cut diamonds with 58 facets have a culet, which is the small area at the bottom of a diamond’s pavilion or tip.  When the point is cut off, it is called a culet and counted as one of the facets, which is why diamonds without a culet have only 57 facets.  A diamond is considered to be a better grade if it does not have a culet or only a very small, small or medium-sized one.  Larger culets affect the appearance of the diamond and can make it appear as if the diamond has a hole in it.

Today as many as 75% of all diamonds sold are round brilliant-cut.  The reason for this may be that the cut maximizes the diamond’s ability to reflect light and brightness better than other fancy shapes.  However since more of the stone is lost in the cutting process along with the fairly low yield/high demand for brilliants, they cost more than comparable cushion, princess, asscher, oval and emerald shaped diamonds.

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